Hand-made contemporary jewellery

Designs in sterling silver, heat coloured titanium or copper that celebrate the individual

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How I work. The materials and the processes I use

I try to make 2-3 new pieces a week. All the silver is sterling, which I nearly always give a "frosted" finish. I feel that this displays the beauty of silver in a way that high polish does not. I think it complements much better the blues of heat coloured titanium and the small amount of gold-plating of silver I use. I work with two sorts of titanium sheet, one "smooth", the other that has been etched so that its crystalline structure appears on its surface. Both go through the same range of colours during heating. But with the crystalline each crystal goes a slightly different colour from its neighbours. It's currently my absolute favourite, producing wonderfully luminous, iridescent effects. I also use heat-coloured copper in some designs. This process can give a range of reds, oranges, yellows and blacks. The outcomes are not that predictable, a quality that, for me, adds to the spontaneity of my work.

Handmade Jewellery

Using colour and texture to highlight the beauty of the metals

Nature's inspiration

Curves, pockets, embedded stones in a rock face