My bespoke service

You may want to ask for changes to a piece of my jewellery. PLEASE feel free to do this! Your idea may turn out to be better than my original one (it has happened already!). I want you to have what you feel works best for you, as long as it's technically possible.  

We can do this by messaging from the Irisia facebook shop, by email or by phoning (details on home page). If we discuss by phone, I will confirm by email and ask that you email back your agreement.

It is possible that the changes may result a slight increase in cost or delay in dispatch (see below), BUT THEY WON'T ALWAYS! Take a look at some examples below. If an alteration means delay or increase in cost I will always tell you about them during our discussions. 


Earring fastenings

Some drop earrings have stud suspensions. These can be changed to hooks 

The same goes for earrings with hooks. It's easy to do and won't cost you any more.

Please ask!

Pendant chain length

I mostly string pendants on 18” snake chain. Changes in length can easily be made.

Changes to snake chain length or section are free as long as you ask for them before purchase. I keep 16", but not 20" chain, but getting it will only delay dispatch by c. 1 week (if it’s likely to be more, I will tell you). I ask for a deposit of £5 when we’ve agreed.

There a quite a few different sorts of snake chain - different diameter, round or  square section. I'm going to add a page with pictures of them all and descriptions of how they hang the pendant.


Relatively simple:

Dangles on earrings or pendants can be added, or removed, or changed in colour or shape. As long as it’s technically possible, you can have it! I ask for a deposit of £5 when we’ve agreed, and I'll tell you how long it will take.

Making an earring version of a pendant:

I've been asked to do this a few times. It's a fun collaboration and won't cost extra, just £28 for a drop or large stud or £32 for a long dangle

Re-making a piece:

You may want changes that mean that a piece has to be re-made. As long as it's technically possible, I’m happy to do it.

Depending on the scale of changes involved, there may be an extra cost. As I said above, I will always tell you about these and won’t proceed without your agreement.