About Irisia Jewellery

I design and hand-make contemporary sterling silver, heat coloured titanium and heat coloured copper jewellery - earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. My work is inspired by nature, mostly with an abstract twist.

Patrick Naish, Creator and Artist

Patrick creating pieces of unique metal jewellery in his workshopI've drawn and painted since I was a teenager, but couldn't go to art school. At last 3 or 4 years ago I was free to follow my creative passion. It's taken the form, not of painting, strangely, but jewellery making. 

The inspiration of most of my work is the natural world, from whole landscapes to tiny details on a leaf or stone, the random "scattering" of groups of flying birds, of fallen leaves, of ripples on streams and ponds. The sky, particularly sunsets - the blues, reds, oranges and golds - lead me to combine the colours and shapes that appear in my pieces. The designs are not literal, but reflect what I see and the emotions I feel on walks around where I live in North Staffordshire on the border of the Peak National Park.

I work with sterling silver, titanium and copper, all of which can be coloured. I use them alone or combined to contrast and enhance each other. In all of it I aim for simplicity, balance (but not symmetry), movement and originality.